Volunteering with Mosaic Support Services

Our organization couldn't be what it is today without the generous help from people like you.

We all work hard, and we all have our own way to unwind. Some people exercise, some people read, and some people volunteer.

Volunteers at Mosaic Support Services lend their time and expertise to support the development and delivery of a range of services that promote independence for people with disabilities. 

We offer a warm, friendly and professional environment to ensure the program is rewarding and beneficial for both Mosaic and our volunteers, with opportunities for personal and professional development.

The perfect person

At Mosaic, we’re big on values.

We want volunteers who are big on listening, big on challenging expectations, big on encouraging others, and big on celebrating life. Most importantly, we would go miles for smiles. If you’re a like-minded person with a talent that can be used to stimulate our clients’ skills and interests, join our family.

See real change as a result of your effort. Witness the remarkable effect you have on people with disabilities and their families. Volunteer today.

Our principles

•              Volunteering benefits the community and the volunteer.

•              Volunteering is a legitimate way to participate in community activities.

•              Volunteering is a way to address human, environmental and social needs.

•              Volunteering is not undertaken to receive pensions or benefits.

•              Volunteering is not a substitute for paid work.

•              Volunteering does not threaten the livelihood of paid workers.

Your rights

Volunteers are welcomed with an induction session that covers the specifics of their role and their rights as a volunteer, including:

•              Adequate information about what is expected

•              Suitable training when required

•              Working in a supportive environment

•              Experience engaging with clients from diverse backgrounds

•              Preparation for employment in the disability sector

•              A reference (providing the volunteer has worked a minimum of three months)

•              Providing feedback, suggestions and recommendation regarding their role or the program

•              Accident and injury cover under Mosaic’s public liability insurance

Your responsibilities

Volunteers are expected to adhere to the following policies and procedures:

•              Respect confidentiality

•              Be punctual and reliable

•              Give notice if your availability changes or you are leaving the organisation

•              Perform the duties listed in the volunteer position description

•              Ask for support when needed

•              Report any workplace injuries of hazards immediately

•              Work in a way that does not endanger the health and safety of either yourself or others

•              Inform the appropriate person of any pre-existing medical conditions or special needs that might affect your ability to perform certain duties

•              Discuss any issues with the appropriate person

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